Re-Maker : One who makes (something) again, in a new, better form.

Re-Makers : Us.

For the planet
For the future
For everyone

For Re-Makers

Upcyclers, repairers, restorers, makers,

teachers, trainers, reclaimers, restorers . . . every kind of re-maker there is. Our aim is to help you promote and sell your products and services by promoting the ethos of re-making,  buying quality re-made products and saving waste.  And so much more – read on here.

For Everyone

New to upcycling or seasoned pro we

have something for you! Whether you want to find re-made products to buy, someone to fix and restore something you already own , inspiration for your own projects or learn from scratch you’ll find it in our resources.  Read more here.

Who are the Re-Makers?

The Re-Makers are a international group of artisans and crafts people working mainly with pre-used materials to support reduction of wastage and encourage sustainability and circular economies.

Our members include –

  • Designer/makers who up-cycle into new products they then sell
  • Teachers and trainers offering courses around re-making
  • Repairers and restorers working to keep existing products in use
  • Rescuers and reclaimers who save items from waste so they can be used by those who make

We all work individually in our own part of the world but The Re-Makers aims to bring us all together to talk about and promote our industry as a whole; to encourage others to see the value in buying goods made from re-cycled, up-cycled, re-created, re-used, saved from waste or re-made (or whatever each of us or you chooses to call it!) materials; to encourage waste creating businesses to find more creative ways of dealing with their waste; to encourage everyone to re-use and re-make!

We currently have 2 groups on Facebook.

Our public group is open to all.

Our Business Owners group is private. 

And always remember – The voice of many is louder than the voice of one.

We work to promote the concept of re-making, to support and encourage the multitude of small and micro businesses involved in re-making and to encourage others to embrace re-making.

To repair and renovate.

To rescue and reclaim.

To buy re-made.

We believe that by supporting small businesses working with rescued and reclaimed materials we can help to create a better world – reducing waste, and lessening the demand for new things, creating a more circular economy and building better local economies.

Just some of what’s to come –

  • Directory of Re-Makers around the world.
  • Members forum where you can meet, discuss and plan with other re-making business owners.
  • Promotion of re-making and re-made products in general featuring member businesses.
  • Putting businesses and individuals with unwanted materials, leftovers, unsold stock, by products and waste in touch with those who can use it.
  • Support with social media and websites.
  • All done ethically – no fake reviews, no paid endorsements, no false advertorial.
  • Blogging opportunities.
  • And more, so much more. 

We have already started our social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We co-ordinate everything through our Facebook group that all re-maker business are welcome to join. Joining our group gives you the opportunity to be included in our campaigns. We verify that members have a remaking business by asking them to provide a web link, if you do not have one then please contact us first. 

facebook page

business group

For Everyone

Our public group is open to all. Pop in to see the latest works by our members, find someone to help you re-make something, talk about environmental issues facing the planet and society, share and get involved in campaigns, tell us about the things you have re-made yourself. If it’s relevant to re-making it’s welcome in there – from discussing the important issues affecting the environment through to helping with simple repairs to keep what you have in use.

We want to help everyone re-make!

To repair and renovate.

To rescue and reclaim.

To buy re-made.

We’ll have resources to

  • help you find materials to upcycle.
  • tutorials and help files, both our own and links to other places you can find them.
  • help you find re-makers who can use the things you no longer want as raw materials.
  • find courses and clubs to learn more
  • chat to others in our members forum to share ideas and inspiration, tips and tricks, sources of materials, even swap your stash!
  • and more, so much more.

And of course our directory of re-makers to help you find repairers and restorers, teachers you can learn from and makers you can buy from.

facebook group

Get Involved!

We’re still building The Re-Makers and due to funding restrictions it is going to take time but you can still get involved right now.

Join our facebook group

Come and talk re-making with us!

Join our business owners group

Join other re-making business owners, get support.

Follow us on social media

Write for our blog

We welcome guest bloggers with something intersting to share.

Work with us

Want to collaborate? Get in touch.

On The Blog – news, views, tutorials and more.



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If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.

– Pete Seeger

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